Ivan Marchuk, Kiev, Ukraine

“Moonlit Night”

Ivan Marchuk, Kiev, Ukraine

“Steppe Into Reverie”

Ivan Marchuk, Kiev, Ukraine

Ivan Marchuk

From Kiev, Ukraine, Ivan Marchuk’s paintings are the soul of the TSO visual experience. For more information on Mr. Marchuk, please visit his Wikipedia page. In 2007 The Daily Telegraph of UK included Ivan Marchuk in top 100 geniuses of our time, who create a multidimensional picture of the Universe and, being ahead of time, determine trends and development perspectives of the postindustrial civilization.


Ivan Marchuk was born in Moskalivka, a village in Ternopil Oblast in the family of a renowned weaver. In Soviet times, his paintings were under constant scrutiny by the KGB. In 1988, the National Union of Artists refused to officially recognize his work, but by then he had more than 15 exhibitions in different cities of the former USSR. In the late 1980s he emigrated to Australia, then travelled to Canada and the USA. But, he was always drawn back to his native land. Viktor Yushchenko, third President of Ukraine promised to build an eponymous museum on the Andriyivsky Uzviz in Kyiv, and even laid the foundation stone at the site of the future building. Unfortunately, it was just an empty promise… Ivan Marchuk, a renowned and brilliant Ukrainian artist, founder of a new art style “Pliontanism” (from the Ukrainian “pliontaty” – to weave, knit).¹



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¹Euromaiden Press “Ukrainian artist Ivan Marchuk among Britain’s “top hundred living geniuses””