Devika Maskey and Allison Kosta bonded over mutual interests to begin the development of their brand, TSO Sonoma, a little over a year ago. With a mission of enlightening new users and advancing the reputation of cannabis through proper education, the luxury brand promotes a reimagined healthy lifestyle, an elevated experience.

From the start, TSO Sonoma has been committed to our core mission of elevating the cannabis experience and reimagining how people approach a health-conscious lifestyle. We work to achieve this through a blend of caring cultivation, craftsmanship, and respect for nature.

Reflecting a value shared with wine producers and other Sonoma County artisans, we produce carefully-curated, organically sun-grown cannabis that perfectly captures the terroir of the region. We focus our full attention on small crop fields which are held to the highest standards and harvested in limited quantities. In this way, our cannabis has much in common with the regions legendary grape fields.

Accompanying our cannabis products, TSO Sonoma hosts a series of Elevated Events. These pop-up dinners with local chefs and seasonal feasts provide a terrific venue and place for the necessary dialogue and education around safe cannabis consumption.

We invite you to join us!