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Uplift and shift your mindset for the positive.

As we enter the month of love, we are reminded that truly sharing and receiving love is a constant choice and practicing self-love, a discipline. This month we explore a practice that will powerfully shift our perspective to honor our well-being above all else and CELEBRATE our resilience and capacity to playfully explore positive opportunity from ordinary daily tasks to the most challenging times in our lives. If we can accept that we don’t have control over most of what happens in our lives, we empower ourselves with the things we do have control over, like our perceptions and responses. 


The German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche coined the phrase “amor fati” or “love of fate.” This phrase acknowledges that we have little control over the things that happen in our lives so why not respond with love? With a new awareness this mindset removes pressures of expectation, rejection, blame or regret and instead allows us the opportunity to simplify our worries and live lighter, to live with more trust that everything that happens will give us reason to love even more than before. In this way living by amor fati exemplifies a deep embodiment of reverence, love and gratitude for all that is presented to us. 

Amor Fati does not seek to deny the intensity of harsh experiences or justify these things as “happening for a reason” but rather recognizing that they have happened, there is no control or possibility now for it to happen any other way. The experience of devastation, tragedy, loss, pain and hardship in one’s life is a very real part of the human experience, it does happen and should be acknowledged. To gently gaze upon what’s happening with enough compassion for yourself and strength to believe “I have what it takes to make this good for me,” is the discipline to be most efficient with our energy and spend minimal, or eventually no, time on bitterness, blame or wishing things were different from what they are in the present moment. It is this powerful shift towards loving one’s fate with trust, forgiveness and gratitude that uplifts us and those around us. 

To love something that wasn’t wanted, asked for or expected to happen in the first place is not usually our automatic response so it definitely takes practice. This month’s ritual we get to go deep for rewriting old narratives of the past and re-pattern the mind to question and explore new possibilities to shift into an uplifted state of mind. The ritual of amor fati can simply begin by focusing on daily opportunities for good and can be expanded upon by exploring the questions below in relation to challenges faced in one’s life.

It takes courage to abide by amor fati. To perceive challenges, obstacles, traumas, diagnosis, losses and the like with love or gratitude is no easy ask or task. It’s a beautiful idea to read about. Learning to actually implement it into one’s life takes a consistency of mindfulness, compassion, patience, support and repetition. If we can become aware of our own default programming for how we engage with our day to day routines we can also equip ourselves with a nourishing toolkit to support us in the most challenging of times. It’s the everyday miracles of the mundane, the people we can be of service to and the positive change we can catalyze in the world that give our lives meaning. Our ability to love our fate gives others permission to do the same. Let amor fati be a gift of deep self-exploration to both give and receive more love. 



Breathe in the light of your new TSO Mindful Vape Pen and start falling back in love with all of life. Grab a journal and write your responses to the below questions. You can bring to mind a specific challenge you’ve faced in your life that has influenced you in a powerful way or maybe it was something small that you felt challenged by today. Answer the below questions as many times as you would like with as many challenges as you’re comfortable exploring. Let this be a playful and imaginative exploration from a space of creativity, compassion and curiosity. 

DISCLAIMER: This ritual may bring up deep emotions and memories from past or current occurrences. This process does not validate that what happened was “deserved” but instead it is to bring awareness to how a specific narrative may have been cultivated around the happening that can be shifted and where you can begin to rewrite this story if it is not serving to positively add to or support your life. This is also not a justification of any abuses or traumas suffered but rather an exploration for how the memory and story can serve your holistic well-being and uplift your spirit. 


Are there any events that have occurred in your life where the reason has left you feeling confused, overwhelmed, frustrated, pained, disappointed or disempowered? With this occurrence in mind, answer the followings questions: 



  • What good can I perceive from this?
  • What might I learn or what have I learned from this experience?
  • What reason can I give to this happening that makes me feel empowered? 


  • It’s happening/happened – is there anything I can do about it? 
  • What is the next best action that can be taken that is in my overall best interest for my holistic health and well-being? 
  • How can I best support myself in this moment?
  • How can I seek support from others if needed? 
  • What healthy habit(s) will make me feel good in this moment?


  • Observe internal dialogues such as “I have to deal with this,” “I don’t want to deal with this” or “this shouldn’t be happening” and gently shift to “I get to curiously explore this…” Observe how shifting this thought from a burden to a privilege feels in your body. (This is where imagination and creativity kicks in). Write about any subtle sensations you feel in your body and any changes in your mood or emotions. 
  • Who in my life exemplifies goodness, love and gratitude in the face of what I would consider hardship? How would they experience this moment?
  • In what ways can I express my gratitude for this moment that is most authentic to me?



TSO Mindful

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Be present.

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