Reflecting the unique terroir of its environment, TSO Sonoma is a carefully curated blend of organically sun-grown cannabis guaranteed to meet the highest standards of purity and quality

TSO Mindful


Cannabis Vape Pen
1:2 CBD:THC 500mg

An uplifting blend high in CBD.

Release your creative muse. This hand cultivated blend calms your mind, opening the pathway to creative thought. Softly energizing, it aids in focusing your mind allowing you to accomplish tasks with fresh insight and tranquil discipline.

Be present.

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TSO Restful

Moonlit Night

Cannabis Vape Pen
1:1:5  CBD:CBN:THC/ 500mg

A restful blend with CBD and CBN.

Sink into a subdued bliss. This artisanal blend washes over you like a perfumed breeze. The mind becomes tranquil. The body’s tension flows away. You are left still, peaceful and serene – ready for slumber’s gentle embrace.

Be still.

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TSO Grounded

Steppe Into Reverie

Cannabis Vape Pen
18:1 CBD:THC 500mg

Feel grounded and balanced with this CBD dominant blend, a graceful energy to center yourself from within. Use this pen anytime to calm your senses and bring clarity.


Be  calm.

Available Pen Colors:

TSO Sensual

Cannabis Vape Pen

Equal parts indulgent and erotic, this meticulously grown blend provides a gentle stimulation, caressing and awakening your mind and body. Simultaneously arousing and relaxing, it brings your whole being to life. What happens next is up to you.

Be  aroused.

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