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TSO: Fresh | TSO Sonoma

A fresh start to dance in the dark and lighten the mood.

Times are heavy. What better way to lift spirits and connect to the light than to get grounded and groovy? This month’s TSO: Fresh playlist has been intentionally curated to pair and flow with the different cultivars from award winning Fiddler’s Greens, a  sun-grown, women-led, cannabis company from Sonoma County and your new Omura bento box, our first TSO Sonoma flower product release in collab with Omura. (No light-er needed). Savor these cultivars, press play and let your body sway in sequence to the sounds of: TSO Grounded, TSO Uplifted, TSO Blissed and TSO Peaceful. 


We’ve made it through the threshold of Winter Solstice together and into the new year. Last month we got the chance to balance our solar and lunar powers as we synchronized with the cycles of the moon as well as joined in ritual celebration IRL for the Winter TSOlstice. We explored the power and goodness that lies within what Jungian Psychology considers the shadows of our psyches. Harnessing the darkness during Winter Solstice, we closed our eyes, tuned into the rhythm and found the lightness of our breath. This month we dance in this darkness to bring forth the light and lighten up the mood. 

We are the visionaries of 2020. With a clear mind and elevated awareness we start this new decade with a fresh chance to see the world with 2020 vision through new eyes and ancient ways. The deeper and more frequently we can connect to our roots the more we tap into the intuitive wisdom that Mother Earth holds in her frequency. The nutrients held in the darkness of her soils allow us to grow, to rise and to elevate our awareness higher for holistic and innovative solutions that serve the whole.

Dance precedes verbal language. Dance allows our bodies to communicate with the spirit realms, to speak innate truths, to teach us, to guide us. Shamans have been prescribing dance as medicine for its therapeutic effects on mental illness, physical pain, loss and many other human ailments since the beginning of time. Intentionally moving the body to a beat brings out what ails it, gets blood circulating, life flowing and the soul nourished. So let’s boogie! 


As you begin to soften into this experience, to surrender, to feel comfortable in your own skin, your sensual awareness will become heightened. There may be some mental chatter and physical resistance, emotional waves will come and go, external distractions might appear. Challenge yourself to keep your eyes closed for the duration of your ritual dance. Stay in the dark so that what wants to be brought to light can reveal itself to you through the movement of your body. 


Find an open and dark space that you feel safe and comfortable moving through with closed eyes. Follow the guidance of your body and allow this to be a ritual dance that takes you on a journey through the cosmos of the many worlds within you.  


  • Close the eyes.
  • Enter the darkness.
  • Feel the ground beneath your feet as you stand tall.
  • Quiet the mind
  • Settle the body.
  • Find your breath. 
  • Connect to the beat of your heart. 


Move through your favorite jams from this playlist or let it take you on a ride. To end you’ll return to feel the ground beneath your feet. As you stand tall feel your upper body rise towards the sun, moon and stars. Imagine sunshine glowing within every cell as you photosynthesize the energy you’ve generated from your dance into the positive growth and expansion of your being. 

Let your arms rise into the sky overhead with palms facing each other. Hold the arms up here for 3 deep breaths. On each breath, inhale connect the breath all the way down into the roots of your feet and each exhale lengthen upwards towards the sky through your finger tips.  

  1. On breath one, envision yourself holding up a ball of light in the palms of your hands.
  2. On breath two, hold your purest prayer and vision for our people and our planet in the center of this light. What do you see? What is being brought forth for you into the light in this very moment? A message, a word, a color, a sound, a vision.
  3. On breath three, allow the radiance of this light to melt and drench you in gratitude for the wisdom that was revealed in this darkness. 

As you exhale let the arms unfurl like leaves by your sides. Return to stand tall, grounded, supported and nourished by the earth that holds you here. Take a few moments to return to the simplicity of your natural breath and marinate in the energy field you’ve just created. 


Everyone has access to this light. Some days it is hidden deep within us and takes effort to bring forth. Some days it is easy and effortlessly reveals itself. Begin to cultivate a mindful practice that allows you to gently observe yourself, the effort or effortlessness it takes to feel the light, knowing that we can extract its wisdom and goodness anytime anywhere when we allow our self to explore with playful curiosity. We then discover that “dark space” is one of the most fertile grounds for growth. In the dark there is magic, mystery, conception. This is where all things are created from. A place of restoration, of healing. Like the dark soils of mother earth. When we take the time to dance through the unknown of darkness we realize it is not to be feared and it no longer holds power over us because we are the light. May your lightness bring you clear visions for peace, love and happiness as we dance through this decade together! 


 The TSO: FRESH collection is a curation of mindful products from women-led conscious cannabis companies for the whole flower enthusiasts. TSOcial club members will be receiving this discreet and sleek bento box with an Omura vaporizor and TSO Sonoma sticks. TSO Sonoma sticks for the Omura vaporizer offer a healthy and convenient way to consume cannabis while supporting women-led cultivators.


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