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Reflecting in the moonlight and getting all the 2020 vibes right. 

Most people are familiar with solar power but have you heard of lunar power? Biological and horticultural research regarding Lunar Farming is proving what happens in the dark is actually quite vegetative and deeply rooting! By reconnecting to our lunar rhythms we can more deeply reconnect to our innate wisdom. This month we’re shining a light on our nocturnal nature and lunar powers. Following the moon calendar, we begin to see that every 28 days is a cycle of planting, nourishing, releasing and renewing. We’re offered a fresh start each New Moon to examine, refine and recommit to anything we want to grow and each Full Moon illuminates what we can prune and release. Below are ways we can connect with our contemplative mind under the light of the moon & listen to the lunar love vibes HERE. You’ll want to find a cozy spot and grab a journal + something to write with.


Lunar Rituals 

Before we dive into these lunar rituals, HERE is a resource with a simplified breakdown of the Moon Phase basics and the general energetic landscape that comes with each. The moon waxes and wanes. I like to remember this as “wax on, wane off.” Waxing is when the new moon is “growing” towards full. Waning is once full moon begins to minimize it’s light back towards the darkness of the new moon. 

  • New Moon (Begin Again)
  • Waxing Crescent (Set Intentions)
  • First Quarter Moon (Action)
  • Waxing Gibbous (Refine)
  • Full Moon (Harvest)
  • Waning Gibbous (Gratitude)
  • Third Quarter Moon (Release)
  • Waning Crescent Moon (Surrender) 


Ritual Reflection:  

Reflection allows us to become more refined in our goals and intentions. We learn from our past but we don’t have to carry it with us all the time. It’s ok to let it go. Writing is one of the most helpful ways to get things “out of our system” and to let go. Choose to free-write your answers to at least three of the following questions that resonate most with you. These questions are for reviewing 2019 however they can also be applied to the respective moon phases above moving forward: 

  1. What patterns did I repeat?
  2. What challenges did I overcome?
  3. What new skills did I learn?
  4. What did I enjoy the most?
  5. What new habits did I start?
  6. What did I learn about myself?
  7. How did I fail in 2019? What did I learn from these failures?
  8. What would I do differently if I could?
  9. What am I the most grateful for this year?
  10. How would I describe 2019 is 3-5 words?
  11. What energised me? What drained me?
  12. What advice would I give to my last year self?
  13. What relationships were most nourishing to me?


Ritual Renewal:

Once reflection takes place we can renew commitments to our Self from a space of clarity, compassion and patience. We can revive or realign past commitments if they’ve been dormant or fell off track. We can also start fresh with brand new commitments for the next cycle, setting sights on new visions and recommitting to our HIGHEST intentions. Choose to free-write your answers to at least three of the following questions that resonate most with you. These questions are for renewing into 2020 however they can also be applied to the respective moon phases listed above moving forward: 

  1. What are my intentions for 2020? Personal, career, health, family? 
  2. What am I carrying with me from 2019 into 2020?
  3. What do I want to change?
  4. What do I want to accomplish?
  5. Which relationships do I want to focus on?
  6. What opportunities do I want to create for myself?
  7. How will I take care of my physical, mental and emotional self in 2020?
  8. Where do I want to travel in 2020?
  9. What will I say “f&%$ yes” to in 2020? What will I say “heck no” to?
  10. Who will I help to support in 2020?
  11. How would I like to be supported in 2020? 
  12. How would I like to improve my environment?
  13. What is my HIGHEST vision of myself, my health, my life, my relationships, my career, my environment? 
  14. How will I be of service? 
  15. What do I want to share with the world? 


TSO re:NEW Collection

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Gift Giving Ritual

Pay it forward and share in the contemplation. It’s the questions we ask ourselves that reveal the answers we must learn. How we ask a question is just as important as what we are asking. When gifting this holiday season try giving a little gift with a contemplative note in the card or on the tag. Below are some gift ideas and inspirations for contemplative questions: 


How would you like to start the new year fresh? 

Enjoy a fresh start with the Mellows – Cannabis Infused Marshmallow in Peppermint Bark 5mg THC

Where have you grown the most this year?

We love all kinds of trees especially Moon Made Farms: Lunar Bouquet Flower 2:1. Get cosmic with this sungrown, high CBD, limited release, cured farm reserve flower that will take you into another dimension 13.2% CBD, 6 % THC

How do you un-grind your mind?

The modern grind can take a toll on the mind. Cultivate practices that allow your mind to check out and leave the grind behind BUT don’t forget your custom TSO Grinder made with stainless steel and sustainable wood. That’s a grind we don’t mind getting back to.

What patterns seem to repeat themselves in your life? 

Take an intimate look at your personal rhythms and explore them in alignment with a full season look into farm philosophy. Moon Made Monograph is a 30 page booklet paired with color photographs. Written by Tina Gordon and designed by Tina Hardison of Moon Made Farms.  


Life is full of varietals and variables, rhythms and cycles. We wax and wane, ebb and flow, expand and contract. Just as the moon guides our psyches through these seasons and cycles the sun is there to warm and nourish our growth. We need both in balance. As we approach Winter Solstice the balance is shifting. The days are getting shorter and shorter and the nights longer and longer. On Dec 21 we reach the Winter Solstice which is the darkest time of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. As we pass this threshold we begin to wax back into the light towards Spring and Summer to then begin to Fall again towards Winter. During these times, as the sunshine shortens, we become the source of light to bring the balance to the dark of night.

We’ll be exploring what these cycles of lightness and darkness have to teach us with a guided sound meditation by Kyma, sun-grown cannabis flower pairings by Tina Gordon from Moon Made Farms, an incredible Japanese inspired four-course meal by Chef Aaron Koseba, and as special surprise from our new TSO Sonoma x OMURA collaboration. You’re invited to join us for an intimate and educational evening in Sonoma County for the Winter TSOlstice: A Mindful Elevated Dining Experience. Find more details here.

The TSO re:NEW Collection is a curation of mindful products from women-led conscious cannabis companies. Shop these products individually or receive them in the monthly TSOcial Club box for 20% off retail.

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