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TSO GLOW: Floral Sounds For Self Care | TSO Sonoma


An invitation to light some candles, spark an incense, start the water running for a warm bath and a carefully-crafted playlist sequenced to compliment the products in your October Wellness Box from TSO Sonoma, for a holistic self-care ritual. Inhale the power of these earthly blends and enjoy the blissful exploration of flowers, sound, and water.

 Warm Salt Bath Ritual 

Hydrotherapy has long been a holistic practice in every culture for many practical and hygienic reasons. Bathing in hot and cold water activates a variety of benefits in the physical body such as tension and stress relief, reduction of inflammation, calming of the nervous system, clearing sinus and chest congestion and more. Warm water bathing specifically can also increase levels of serotonin, the chemical produced by the brain associated with happiness and well being.

For this Warm Salt Bath ritual, let your body soak in the minerals of the earth. Let your mind indulge in your senses. Let your heart soften with self-love. Allow yourself to float in the comfort of these warm waters amongst the elegant aromas of lavender while soaking up the sun-filled cannabis salt infusion from Om Edibles. Connect to the flower fields and forests from which these plants came. Return to your roots and let peace, serenity and harmony wash over every limb. Really let yourself soak it all in. 

Face Massage Ritual

When you’re ready to rise from these peaceful waters within, you are welcome to dry off and prepare yourself to relax and invigorate your face with a gentle and circulating facial massage for youthful, vibrant and glowing skin. Regular and intentional face massages aid in the reduction of headaches and increase blood circulation to the face for regenerating cells. With this face massage you will be gently stimulating the lymph nodes that lie just beneath the surface of your skin to flush out fluids, increase the flow of oxygenated blood and infuse your skin with the nutrients of the Kiskanu face oil. 

Coming face to face with your reflection of regality, add a few drops of this golden oil to your fingertips. With a loving gaze, a soft smile, let the eyelids rest like silk. Take a deep inhale of the rose-geranium, lavender, calendula and cannabis combination. Massaging in slow circular upward (clockwise) motions along the cheek bones, temples, jawline, décoletté, hairline and brow point. Allowing the benefits of these flowers to deeply penetrate the surface of your skin. Run your fingers through your hair, massage your scalp and breath in the fresh air. Let yourself move slow and let go. 

Joint Massage Ritual

Our joints are most commonly affected by inflammation due to their heavy workload. To help keep us dynamic, mobile and pain-free we want to frequently cultivate the ritual of loving the bendable parts of our bodies, our knees, ankles, wrists, elbows, fingers, feet, neck and hips.

With the healing balm from the enchanting lands of Fiddler’s Green we can massage the magic of the anti-inflammatory properties from the terpenoids naturally gifted by the cannabis plant. This is a complimentary way to relieve our joints and allow them to fully rest and rejuvenate, honoring any aching or swelling with gentle pressure. Loosening ourselves up to dance and to move through life with ease. 


Self-care is truly the best when it comes from love for the self.  Let yourself fill up with the sunshine from these sun-grown flowers as your body receives all of the radiance from it’s floral friends. Begin to slow dance with yourself with a sensual sway. Let your mind continue to play amongst the fragrant flowers Mother Earth has provided. Take a moment to close your eyes, bring hand to heart and hand to belly. Feel the breathe enter the body deep into the belly, connect to an intention in your heart and gently share it into the world with your exhale. In this moment, allow your roots to grow deeper, your petals to unfold and your whole being to rest in the embodiment of the art that is your floral flesh. 

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