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TSO GRATEFUL: Cultivating Elevated Community + Gathering in Gratitude | TSO Sonoma

This month we’re offering up rituals of well-being for our bodies and minds in community with yummy snacks and neuro-hacks. We’re intentionally inducing states of bliss, tranquility and connection to get oxytocin and dopamine flowing and growing throughout the TSO collective. Press play on THIS playful playlist for a sweet treat of diverse sounds to gather to and gather round with one of the Gathering in Gratitude rituals below. 


The practice of gratitude is a powerful way to hack our system through self-directed neuroplasticity for overall well-being. Science is now proving that we can intentionally “trick” our neural network to cultivate positive states of mind. By consistently and repetitively creating moments where we introduce and amplify positive mental states, like practicing gratitude, these areas of the brain become stronger and begin to create a new predominant mental default. 

By combining the practice of gratitude with gathering we’re priming our systems to be in an elevated state of connection and creating a cocktail of blissful chemicals with the release of dopamine and oxytocin (aka the bonding hormone). When we softly rest our attention and focus our awareness on the things and the people we are grateful for, the big, medium and small blessings in our lives, the wholesome and joyful qualities in ourselves and the world around us – the things we’ve accomplished, the synchronicities that exist for us to be here now, if we can begin to refine our awareness to tune into all of these things more often we then build up and strengthen a new neural layer from which we can nourish ourselves and our communities. So how do we do it? Together of course! 


It’s much easier to be grateful when we’re present and when we take a moment to recognize that our existence in this very moment is made up of millions of small miracles conspiring to make our next thought, breath and heartbeat happen. Our ancestors have long hunted, gathered, brewed and blazed in reverence to the earth mother from which their resources came. In modern society it has become way too easy to take for granted our bodies and to lose site of the supply chain. Blessings get overlooked or forgotten much easier so we must reintegrate these moments and rituals of remembering so that everything comes full circle. 


 Smoking circles are deeply rooted into our instinct to gather and to gain insights into the well-being of the whole. What better way to slow down and count our blessings than to inhale the TSO Sonoma Mindful Vape Pen with it’s hand cultivated blend to calm your mind and open the pathway to creative thought? Gather round with your canna-friendly friends and family members for a consensual and intentional Smoking Circle to uplift any holiday experience. 


 Just as the herbs we smoke, the herbs we drink provide us with beneficial properties and release various bliss chemicals for feeling good. Tea, coffee and cacao ceremonies are all prominent ways of congregating from our ancestors party tips and tricks. Brewed concoctions of some sort have always provided warmth to belly and body and are a great gateway to offer presence in a cup and to hydrate yourself with gratitude. Truly savor your experience together, mellow out and sweeten up the vibes by bringing a box of Mellows and Potli Honey sticks to the table. Mindfully sip and dip with the decadence of the gourmet Brown Butter Sage marshmallows handcrafted in San Francisco and enjoy the hard work of the honey bees as you suck up the sweet nectar from their wildflower friends in the “Going Up” honey stick by Potli.  

How we come together matters. There are many opportunities to innovate how we celebrate for deeper connection and satisfying conversation. No matter where or with who we gather, when we gather with gratitude, celebration becomes ceremonial. Below are a few suggestions for how to turn your TSO Grateful gifts into a communal activity to offer the gift of gratitude in a group setting: 

Suggestions for How to Facilitate a Successful Circle: 

This exercise can be done with any or all of the products in your TSO Grateful box. You can combine them for a heightened and immersive experience or choose just to smoke or just to ingest. 


  1. GATHERING: Once everyone is situated and seated prior to beginning, prompt the group to prepare themselves to arrive into the Circle to be fully present and acknowledge that this Circle is going to be an intentional space. PHONE FREE. Give them the option to opt-into the experience or opt-out. 
  2. REVERENCE: Take a moment to give reverence for the resources that you will be utilizing for your Circle (ie: the cannabis, flowers, honey, sweetness and anything that went into your ability to have this experience together in this very moment). 
  3. RULES: Set some quick and easy ground rules for the Circle (confidentiality, passing, inclusion, etc.)
  4. SYNCHRONIZATION: Have everyone take three separate deep and collective breathes, inhaling through the nose TOGETHER and letting out an audible sigh through the mouth TOGETHER. 
  5. THE WORD: Prior to each hit/sip everyone identifies one word that they want to infuse their breathe with that inspires gratitude in their heart. This word could be gratitude or something else. Make it clear that the word they choose is one that they want to penetrate their lungs and flow deeply into their bloodstream. 
  6. SETTING THE TONE: As the facilitator, on your first inhale – take a deep breathe into the belly and identify a word that you want to infuse your breathe with. That you want to penetrate your lungs and flow deep into your bloodstream. Announce this word on the exhale. This word can be gratitude or any word that inspires a sense of gratefulness within your heart. You can keep your eyes open or close your eyes for this. Whichever is personal preference. If sipping – inhale the aromas of the warm beverage that you hold in your hands. EXHALE
  7. START: On your next inhale initiate the circle by taking the first hit or sip. EXHALE Each person then announces their word prior to their inhale or sip.
  8. MINIMUM: Each person gets at least one mindful hit/sip of the communal smoking device, warm beverage or their own offering. 
  9. REPETITION: Keep the circle going for as long as you had designated at the beginning. Each time you go around the Circle continue to announce the same word. This gentle repetition is important.  
  10. SHARES: If anyone is inspired to share anything about their experience create space and time for this to take place. 1 minute per person maximum. 
  11. CLOSE OUT: Close the Circle! Select a time to “end” the Circle. People can hang after however this closes the intentional space. Bring it all together just as you began, in gratitude for the wisdom of the cannabis plant, the resources it offers and the community that has gathered with you to share their moments of gratitude. Press play on your TSO Grateful playlist
  12.  SMILES + HUGS: You’re grateful, you’re happy, you’re elevated. Share it with the world. 

Approaching the holidays, fresh off the Northern and Southern California fires has allowed us an expanded perspective on the importance of coming together as a community as well as how to support others and ourselves at the same time. We’ve gotten to explore what we truly cherish and what we are most grateful for. To all of the families and friends that have been affected by these fires and to those who’ve helped to put them out, we hope these rituals, sweets and sonic treats bring jubilance and ignite fires in your hearts at all of your gatherings in the days to come because in the end all we have is each other. 

We are TSO grateful for you! 

The TSO Grateful Collection is a curation of mindful products from women-led conscious cannabis companies. Shop these products individually or receive them in the monthly TSOcial Club box for 20% off retail.

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